Create Your Own Geometric Fingernail Designs: A Guide for Novice Manicurists

Are you looking for an easy yet sophisticated nail art that even novice home manicurists can achieve? Look no further! Creating your own geometric nail designs may seem complicated, but trust that it's much easier than you think. The crisscrossing look is where avant-garde glamor mixes with casual elegance. With three complementary shades of gold, white and metallic wine nail polish, this look works best on oval or scaly nails. To mix it up, use glitter nail polish, textured polish, or semi-translucent colors to add dimension.

Clean with a small brush and nail polish remover. If you're opting for a dark base (dark blue, dark green, dark purple, or black nail polish), try using a nail preparation formula first. Dark nail polishes can stain your nails. We love how V-shaped stripes (even on a single nail) can add an extra touch to a simple, clean manicure without sacrificing style and elegance. And the fun thing about this type of design is that when you master the striped ribbon, there are a lot of geometric ideas for decorating nails that you can play with.

Instead of creating diagonal designs, you can play with horizontal and vertical stripes, and alternate the space between each line. Gray nail polish: Try TRUST FUND BEAUTY nail polish without carbohydrates for the best lavender gray color. Clean any stains with a small brush. This semi-matte look adopts a clean and classic nail design and uses texture to give it a higher level. Experiment with dark green (as in the image above), black, or try this look with navy blue, purple and gray.

Dark green nail polish: Trust FUND BEAUTY nail polish in I Kaled It's the perfect shade for this look. Carefully apply a matte topcoat to the upper half of the nails, creating a diagonal shape from the center of the nails on one side to the tips, similar to the criss-crossed nail design. For an eye-catching abstract look, try incorporating dots and lines into your design. Play with different dot sizes and line thicknesses, or even create patterns by connecting the dots with lines. This fusion of elements adds depth and interest to your nails, making them truly unique.

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